About US

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aluzinArt comes from the combination of architects, builders, technical engineers and designers with a common goal; to integrate audiovisual media with architecture.

aluzinArt works on the development of technical and innovative systems for light projection, considering all kinds of surfaces, the unusual, the design ones and the specially built. For that reason we get made special materials where light behaves in different ways, creating spectacular and vibrant effects.  We use these effects as a decoration, to compose, rewrite public spaces and in order to create new visual installations perfectly synchronized with music and rhythm of our show. We get total attention of the public and we can surprise even the most demanding audience. We have all the resources to achieve the impact and repercussion necessary to make your event unique, memorable and unforgettable for everybody.

aluzinArt adapts its artistic-visual speech to the needs of the nowadays market and space productions: Interiors, stands, openings, celebrations, decorations for events, stage design, theater, conventions, product presentation…


Our main 4 areas:

1 Production and post production of audio, video 3D and multimedia applications.

2  Specialized Interior design for those looking for a modern and functional space.

3 Events. Artistic bookings and technical production.  Audio and visual equipment for rent.

4 Didactic Division. Children´s shows and Courses.

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